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Welcome in Workum, Friesland Anno 1908, where the pace of life is slow, people talk to each other, where people are close to and close with the elements. 


Workum is the perfect little city for a weekend getaway, whether it is to slow down and read books in bed, or walk endlessly between cows, sheep and birds, or get your kicks on the water. Explore the beauty Friesland has to offer, try out old crafts, visit open air musea, shop until you drop or cycle until you can't cycle any further and enjoy one of Frieslands many great restaurants. 

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What to do?

Workum and Friesland have so much to offer, in any time of year. Here are just a few suggestions: 



Sailing, motor boating, subs, canoeing, kite surfing





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History of Workum and the Church

The Church

The foundations of the church are from 1893. The church came into use in 1908 as a reformed protestant church. The members of the church were liberal protestants, free thinkers and believers. 


Much of the history still needs to be uncovered. During the late nineties the church served as a society for the local youth of Workum before being transformed in a family home. 


As of 2019 Esther & Camille van Gestel can call the church their home and started a Bed & Breakfast in the more than 100 year old house of worship. 



The first records of people living in Workum date back to the 9th Century AD. In the late Middle Ages Workum became an important naval place because of its position and connection between the "Southern Sea" and the Frisian Lakes. The open water is still an important waterway. Workum used to have a whole system of canals, the remnants of which are still visible in the structure of the city and its streets. 


In 1399 Workum receives official 'City Rights' and is therefor still officially called "a city". People from Workum are obviously still proud of this and appreciate it if you're aware of this historic fact. 


At the Merk, the central square and officially voted "pretties square in Friesland" you can still see the wealth the city once had as a result of its successful naval industry. Even today some of the most expensive luxury yachts are built not far from Workum in the royal ship wharf of Makkum.  

Uffing van Workum - The monk who dated Workum to be 1,000 years old

When Uffing was a little boy, he was intrigued by monks living in the area. He asked them to teach him to read and write. When he was done learning he left to a nearby monastery. This was right at the time people moved more land inwards, away from the dangerous Southern Sea. 


It is because of the words of Uffing, we know that people lived in Workum as early as the 9th century, more than 1,000 years ago. You can see the statue of Uffing at the Merk, at the city center near the big church.

Your hosts

We are Esther & Camille van Gestel, your hosts during your B&B stay at Anno 1908. The picture was taken during the recordings of a television series we participated in. It will air early 2020... We think of ourselves as easy going people. You will mostly see Esther during the check-in. And at breakfast she'll make you one of her famous cappuccino's.